Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New CD from award-winn​ing Daniel Bennett Group

It seems that at every point along a given musical timeline there exists a dichotomy between those seemingly predisposed to preservation and those inspired to present something different altogether.  Saxophonist Daniel Bennett’s group exemplifies the latter.  Bennett describes his music as a mix of jazz, American folk and 20th century minimalism.
Bennett advances a sweet consonant voice that cultivates a blithesome and intimate performance on his 2011 release, “Peace and Stability Among Bears.”  The juxtaposition of songful melodies over odd meters and trance-like chord progressions is free of pretense but not absent of complexity or intricacy, earning Bennett the top spot on Bruce Lindsay's Best Releases of 2011.
Bennett is a graduate of the prestigious New England Conservatory and is touring extensively.   His group has shared billings with artists including Bill Frisell, Charlie Hunter, James Carter and Greg Osby.  “Peace and Stability” is available on Bennett's website and iTunes.


Daniel Bennett Group at the Triad Theater (NYC)

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